Hey! Real quick. Before we start creating together please know that my services are ideal for people who:

  • Trust my expertise – I went to school for this. This is what I love to do. I have been doing it for 15 years. Like a fine wine, my skills only get better with age.

  • Like my style – You can see in my portfolio that I have a wide range of design styles. With that being said, there are some styles that just aren't my forte. If that happens to be the case I will be honest with you and refer you to a different designer.

  • Are excited to get their business going – Keep up! Once we get started things will move pretty fast. I like to keep the momentum going by providing a schedule of review and feedback dates.

  • Are ready to do their homework – This is the part that will make or break your brand story. Grab some chocolate, wine, or whiskey☺and get comfy.

  • Are ready to be good friends – This is a collaboration. I’m going to ask you a bunch of questions so I can produce the best output. But I also genuinely care about you so don’t be surprised if you randomly hear from me, just because.

  • Are open-minded – I have the best intentions towards your success. I will give you suggestions based on research and experience.

If you have any questions check out the FAQ page before contacting me.

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