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What is the difference between a moodboard, brand board and brand guide?

Moodboard - Includes colors, image inspiration and brand feelings, created from your Pinterest and questionnaire assignments. The final will have your logo on it. This is usually done for one off projects like a logo or website only. Example here.

Brand Board - Includes colors, print and web fonts, logo variations, design elements such as patterns, image inspiration, created from your Pinterest and questionnaire assignments. Your final will include all your graphics. This is included in the Sweet Ambitions package. Example here.

Brand Brand Guide - Includes the same as the brand board but has specific instructions on how to use your graphics. We also assign graphics to save time and be consistent. This way for future use, you are only changing out the text. Example here.

Do you offer smaller payment plans?

I can book you weeks or months in advanced if you need to make smaller payments. We begin the brand exploration process right a way. I begin the design process based around the time of when you want to launch.

We also take PayPal Credit. No interest for the first 6 months. Contact me directly if you want to do this option.

Why do you only use Squarespace?

I used to use Wordpress and found it to be a pain in the a** not only for myself but my clients as well. The whole point in creating in WP was so my clients would be able to update their own website and it was not happening. As a result people's websites were becoming outdated. It was not user friendly for them. I believe in having ownership over your website and all graphics. You should at the very least be able to update your content.

I also ran into problems with plug-ins not working properly, updated breaking the template and because there were different third party resources the response to fix these things were taking longer than expected.

Squarespace is a one stop shop. All their plug-ins are created internally by their very own developers. They are also good at listening to customer feedback and based on that add new features on a regular basis. The back-end is really easy to navigate for my clients. ALL my clients update their own content. If there are ever any questions, google it and sure enough Squarespace support has an answer. If they don't then there are a ton of forums where you will find the answer. I rarely need to contact their customer support directly. If I do they respond pretty quickly. Because all the technical stuff is amazing it allows me to focus more on designing something unique.

What exactly is a content guide?

I was getting a lot of concerns about what to write on the website and as a result people would get stumped and the project would drag. I took a year long content marketing strategy class to understand what people look for and how to more importantly write in your own unique voice. There is a formula. Based on the formula I created a content guide with questions to help write some of the content on your own. I kept it fun so it doesn't feel like an essay assignment :)

I can't stress enough how important content is. As much as I love creating graphics, it is just part of a successful website that converts. It is not enough to have pretty graphics, you need to have a story, content that tells people how you are different, appeal to your ideal audience, and tell them how they are benefiting from all the goodness you have to offer.

Do you write copy?

I do not write your copy for you. I am not a writer. I don't even know where commas are supposed to go lol. I do however have a team of people that I work with closely if you need help. I have a team member that can help with edits or just look over your content if you need a second pair of eyes. I also work closely with North Star Messaging + Strategy, a team that will write your entire website! They can do it by page or the whole thing. They have their own process. They work with you to strategize your content around your message. You can get a sneak peak of how they work here. As a client of mine, you'll get a 20% discount! Let me know if you want to work this into your package.

Can I substitute some items from the à la carte menu?

The items in the Sweet Ambitions package are to create an on-line presence. If you are looking more for print materials I do allow you to substitute items.

The following that is included in the package, social media graphics, e-mail template, facebook cover and profile graphic can be substituted for, e-mail signature, YouTube banner, designed business cards and letterhead. If you need something else just let me know and we can talk about how to work it into the package.

I don't have the money.

(Not a question but a comment I hear)

But, Rosie, I'm just starting out so I don't have the money.

I get it and hear this allll the time. Mindset is a huge game changer. If you don't have the money to invest in your own self you can't expect people to invest in you either. As with any investment it is important to choose the right product or service. Buying based on price and not compatibility always costs you more in the long run. You basically have 2 options.

You go the cheap route, get the bare minimal and hope it works out. Possible outcome, your content and website just sit there. Everything kind of looks pieced together. You have spent time creating something you don't hate but you aren't really proud of either. This results in lack of confidence and motivation. Nothing is happening on your end or your clients end.

You find a designer that understands your vision. She totally gets you. Together you create a brand that makes your clients "feel" something. You are in LOVE with your brand. You can't wait to show it off and tell everyone about it. Leads see and feel your excitement, professionalism and unique proposition. Now leads are interacting and you get new clients. 2-3 new clients has now just paid for your investment.

Your few new clients paid for your investment in a short period while your brand stands for the long run of your business that keeps bringing in clients! When you think of it like that, it's not so scary. Key is finding the right designer who understands your vision, understands your design style, and is with you on your journey.