"I'm so excited!!"

This is usually the response I get right before a client/friend and I begin a project. And, yes, my client easily becomes my friend. We help each other; we check in on each other; we vent and we celebrate. I really like to get to know my client. It's the only way I can truly understand your vision. Your dream is a huge part of who you are. I, too, am excited for you to take the leap! I'll be helping you as much as I can and cheering you on.


After much trial and error I have arrived at this process as the most effective for me to deliver exactly what you envision. It's not a quick: “I need a logo,” and done. If you're looking for a quickie you're in the wrong place. I deliver something that is one of a kind, meaningful, and something you will absolutely LOVE forever.

Client Love: Thank you so much for setting all this up and making this process so smooth and enjoyable!


1. Greetings!

We get to know each other via e-mail, Skype, or phone. This way I get a better idea of what you are looking for, and I will tell you what I can do for you. We also get a better idea if we are a good match for each other. I will be honest with you, and if I feel we aren't the right fit I will refer you to someone else. I want the best for you and this creative process should be fun!


2. Questionnaire

We are a match! I'll ask you to fill out a questionnaire. I am trying to get as much info about your business and your vision as possible, so this isn't a quick 3 questions. This is a take your time and really think about your big dream kind of thing. This will help me understand how you want people to feel about your business.


3. Inspiration board

This is a fun assignment! I will ask you to make a Pinterest board. Based on the answers in your questionnaire you will pin images that you feel represent the look and feel of your business, This helps me get a feel for your style. Think of this as if your business was having a grand opening. What kind of feeling would it give people? What colors, decor items, or foods would be present? My goal is to make something that feels like you.


4. logo

Once I have your style down I'll create up to 3 logo versions. After you pick the final version you will get a few variations for different layouts. You will receive both black and white versions as well. Delivery will include the originals files, web, and print files.


5. Brand Board

Before moving onto other marketing materials, we expand on your design style. Choose specific Pantone colors. Up to 4 fonts. Your choice of patterns or custom web buttons for your website. Logo variations. Final delivery will include 1 font for you to use personally. This is also great for DIYers. You have a base of your elements and all you have to do is put it together! Example of how patterns can be used.


6. Website

I will ask you a few questions on what your goals are with your website. I'll create and suggest design elements based on those needs. Elements from the brand board will be used to create the look of your website. We will go over the importance of photography, current trends and call to actions. When your website is complete we will have a 1-2 hour training session on how to maintain your website.


7. Other Marketing materials

Don't stop at your logo! There is so much more! Ask me about business cards and other print + web marketing materials.


8. Style guide

When your project is complete you will get a pdf style guide that has your logo, mission statement, design elements, Pantone colors, fonts, correct and incorrect usage of your brand.



Time frame

Time listed is after you have completed the questionnaire and the Pinterest assignment.

Logo: 1 week
Logo + Website: 2-3 weeks
Graphics + Website: 4 weeks
Other Marketing: 1 week