Develop Your Unique Brand Voice

Who am I to be an expert, teach or give advice?

There are thousands of other people doing what I do. Why would I even try?

This is fear creeping in my friends. We all go through the thoughts of not being good enough. Here is the thing, we are all trying to figuring it out as we go. You just see the awesome end product but everyone has messy beginnings. The point is to get started. Like anything else, it takes practice and a lot of mistakes.

Yes, there are other photographers, health coaches, life coaches... heck, of course, it crossed my mind how many graphic designers there are. But there are no two alike unless. That is why it is so important to be yourself. It is okay to be inspired by others but you, your ideas, your mission, your goals are all what make you unique.

Throw personality into the mix

What is it that your friends LOVE about you? Is it that your fun, your no bs attitude or maybe you ooze sex appeal like Marilyn Monroe. Think of a signature things that make people say, that is sooo you! Maybe you dress very colorful, have pink hair, have a distinctive laugh or own the goth look. What are you obsessed with? Unicorns, Star Wars, dogs, yoga, traveling, music or dancing. All those things make you who you are. Don't be afraid to show it and bring it to your brand. It's all part of your story and how it makes you different. There are people out there that can't wait to work with you because of all those things. Show your true colors.

Figure out your magical uniqueness

You have all this knowledge, maybe more or less than the person next to you in your field but what matters is how you deliver. How are you doing it better? Think of how you will market. While people are doing X, think of doing Y, keeping in mind how it will make life easier for your target audience. Don't know how to make life easier for your target market? Ask your peeps! They will tell you and beg you to create something. It's your job to give them exactly what they want.

Let your mission be greater than your fear

When we think of the reasons of not doing something it usually involves worth, judgment and failure. These thoughts focus on ourselves and not others. I am not good enough. What if I look stupid. What if I fail. There's a lot of I's in there! The more you make your mission about yourself, it ain't happening. Instead remember why you started. Maybe your drive is your family or to help others whatever it is let the value you are adding be the force that drives you forward.

Need help to figure out your story and mission? I got you! Download my guide to Define Your Brand.

Give yourself more credit. Your special power is YOU, no one will do things the way you do.

PS. You may have not even realize but this is how you create your unique proposition.