Redirect a form after submission

After someone signs up for an opt-in it's a great idea to send users back to your site. You can redirect them to your blog, to an FAQ page, a sales page, a pdf, anywhere. This keeps people exploring on your website. Below is instructions and code.

1. Create your form 

You can also use this for the newsletter block.


2. Go to the advanced tab

Place the following code under POST-SUBMIT HTML

  var redirectURL = "";
  // Fixes an issue with IE8 and lower
  if ( navigator.userAgent.match(/MSIE\s(?!9.0)/) ) {
    var referLink = document.createElement( "a" );
    referLink.href = redirectURL;
    document.body.appendChild( referLink );;

  // Standard redirect for all other browsers
  } else {
    window.location.assign( redirectURL );

Replace the url with the page you want to redirect to.