Upload images in sqaurespace using Manage Custom Files

There are tutorials on how to upload images in Squarespace by placing text and adding a link to it, then grabbing the url. For images I find using the Manage Custom Files under Custom CSS so much easier.

Go to Design > Custom CSS

Scroll down and you’ll see a button that says, Manage Custom Files, click the button and upload your images. Once you have uploaded, click on the one you want to use and the url will appear in the CSS window. Cut and paste the URL wherever you want to use it.

Don't forget to remove the URL from the CSS window after you have copied it so that it doesn't interfere with any of the other CSS styles.

Where would you use something like this? I have used it for images that I want to place within colored text boxes in banners. How do you make a color text box in a banner? It's really simple, check it out here.

Example below, the "Hi" font is an image placed in the colored text box using the markdown block.


banner image sample.png