Creating a Website That Sells

website that sells

I have been freelancing since 2005. I have gotten to work with amazing people and I get to see the growth of each business. Some progress quicker than others and I definitely saw a trend. The trend is still strong and evolving today.

I want more than anything for my clients to succeed at their business. Genuinely I do. Who doesn’t love seeing someone else happy living their dream? It makes me happy and it gives others hope.

I was always the person that made things “pretty”.  While this made my clients happy I could see that there was something missing in the conversion area. That’s when I started to think about more than just pretty graphics. Don’t get me wrong this is a huge marketing element but there is so much more.

This is the reason I decided to no longer create just pretty websites but instead websites with purpose and intention. If your website isn’t working for you I feel like I have failed on my part. Yes, I can create all the pretty elements and leave all the content for you to figure out on your own. But how much easier and worth it is it to do it all in one run? Imagine launching your website and not only loving how amazing it is but being proud of the actual content.

The top things I go over my clients when we decide to make a website together.

Pro Photography

Stop using grainy low light cell phone photos. You want clients to pay you top dollar, take you seriously and your photos totally look like DIY. You aren’t fooling anyone. Invest in your business and hire a photographer. Can’t afford a photographer? There are plenty of stock images you can use that are free or priced low. For a list see my Brand Design Toolkit. The key with stock photography is to be consistent with the look and feel throughout your website. The reason why I started offering stock images in the pricing of my packages is to alleviate people from that stress. I was getting clients that wanted to use photos that just weren’t good enough. Quality always wins people over.

Be Purposeful

I see a lot of people just putting info on their website and leaving it at that. The internet is loaded with info. Instead of adding to the noise add value and engagement. What do you want people to do when they get to your home page? Sign up for your newsletter, go to your blog, see your programs, whatever it is clearly say it with a button. Every single page should have a button. Don’t underestimate your blog. Put that baby to use too. Have a call to action at the end or add value with an attachment.

Clear One-liner

“Live the life you dream.” “Create more abundance in your life.” “Eat your way to health and happiness.” All these statements are nice but one, they are too vague and two you are not distinguishing yourself. You have 7 seconds to catch someone’s attention. Instead be clear on who you are, who your target audience is and how you are benefiting them. Example: Business name or person [works with/helps/creates] for [your audience] who [crave/struggle/need/want]. Here is mine, I design brands for creative entrepreneurs so that they look and feel legit. Use that in your opening banner and all your intros. Don't make people read a bunch of stuff and have to figure out what you can do for them because chances are you'll lose them before they get there.

Content Strategy

Content is a whole other beast to be saved for another post but I will tell you to make it about your target audience and how you are benefiting them. A lot of times people talk a lot about themselves or the business which is great but then it stops there. This is also a reason why I offer a Website Content Guide when I put a website together.


Everyone says you need a list. Yes, a list is important but it’s not the only way to connect. Consider your audience. Maybe you’re better off doing video or blogging. Maybe Instagram is your jam. Just pick one thing and stick to it. You don’t have to do them all. Build up to it. It is more important to be consistent. Put it on your website to give people a chance to share and connect with you.

Those are my tops things I go over with my clients. Together we get clear on your mission, your target audience, your one liner, your about page, services and call to actions. Put them all together, not only to have an amazing looking website but something that converts.

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