How to: Present Like a Pro

Presentation plays a huge role in your brand experience. It can also be a big factor if a client decides to work with you or buy your product.

01 | pro vs a hobbyist

THINK LIKE A PRO. How would a pro do it? Would a pro use low quality, low lighting images? Whenever in doubt I think of the top 3 businesses that I admire and ask myself, would they put this out this way? You want people to buy from you and use your services but you can’t even care enough to have good images? You might think you are saving money but you are also putting a level of quality out into the world. Don’t have the money? Quality over quantity. It is better to have a few professional product shots or a few photos of yourself then a bunch of poor quality images. Use stock images. There are many that offer a free trial. Check some out in the Design Toolkit. It’s better to have a landing page for your website than a multi-page website that is a hot mess with content that isn’t intentional. Work with what you can but make it the best.

02 | create an experience

SHOW people what your product looks like in real life situations. If you have a service, show people the real you and the kind of life you are offering. Even if you have a single product like soap you can get creative and do a product styled photo shoot using people and props. By doing this you are creating an experience. It’s like using your imagination. It is so much more desirable and relatable when something is put into a scenario. How you present can also determine the kind of audience you are attracting. Think about the kind of experience you are trying to create through your brand and how you can show that in your presentation.


03 | be consistent

Present the same across all medias. Of course you can show behind the scenes and real life images but your biz images and graphics should be the same quality level you established. You are creating an experience in all aspects of presentation. Need proof? Go look at the social medias of all business professionals. Always think like a pro.

There's a lot of crap out in the web world. Make your space purposeful and beautiful. Be proud of what you put out there. The right people will notice and will invest.


business talkRosie