How to: Choose Colors for Your Brand

One of the most exciting things (at least for me) when I’m working on a branding project is choosing colors! However, I know that when it comes to branding yourself, when you have to choose colors for your brand IT can quickly spin out of control. If you’re anything like me you like this color, that color, and this color over there... you really haven’t met a color you didn’t like! To make life easier on myself, I have created a system on how to choose colors for your brand and I’m going to share it with you.

choose colors for your brand

The first thing you need to do is think about the personality of your brand. If this is for your personal brand (ex. a business coach) then you’ll think about your personality and what feelings you want to convey to your customers. Versus it being your brand but not necessarily you (ex. a boutique), what personality do you want to shine through to your customers?

Now, create a mood board! Before you choose colors for your brand create a mood board of images that inspire you and convey the feeling and personality of your brand. You can collect them and store them in a folder on your desktop or your phone, or keep it really simple and use Pinterest! Secret boards are great for this. You can see the brand board for Create You HERE.



Time to pick colors! Now that you know the feeling you want to convey, and you can start to visualize your branding, it’s time to start grabbing colors! First start with your dominant color, the color that will be seen the most through your brand. You will build out your color board from that main color. Picking colors that complement each other and your dominant color. Don’t forget to make sure it matches your brand personality! One tool that I love to use is Adobe Kruller (free!). 


  • Don’t choose colors that you will grow tired of quickly. You should love the colors, absolutely, but make sure it’s something you can live with long term.

  • If there is a color that you want to get from a picture in your mood board download an extension to your browser like this color picker for Chrome.

  • Look around at other brands that are doing what you do. What type of feeling do they convey? How are they conveying that feeling to you, and what can you learn from that?