Landing Page vs. Website

More and more we are seeing information about landing pages, and how you need to have one! I’ve had people ask me, that if they have a website, do they need a landing page? Or even, I have a website, what is a landing page?

I’m hear to break it down for you and explain the difference between the two, and what the goals of each are. Yes, they’re both beneficial for your business, but *spoiler alert* landing pages aren’t always necessary for your business.


landing page vs website


What is a landing page? A landing page is a single page website, created with the purpose of  turning your page views into leads. Simple, and directly to the point of what you are needing to market.

Goal of a landing page: The goal of a landing page can vary depending on what you’re trying to market to potential customers. Here is a list of what they are usually used for:

  1. To build your email list

  2. Get customers to purchase a course/product

  3. To quickly market what you are selling - with zero distractions

A landing page is where you get straight to the point, no sugar coating what you’re trying to sell. If you have a product that you’re wanting to push then this landing page would be where you immediately tell them why they need the product, what it can do for them, and how it will change their life. Testimonials, reviews, and all the nitty gritty details that will wrap them and get them to click buy, or sign up for more information.

It can also be used to build your list! Create a free opt in (ex: a free printable, course, or ebook) that they can download as soon as they sign up for your email list. When you do this make sure you are giving something away that will attract your dream customers. Remember, when you’re building your email list you want to build it with the right people, people that will turn into clients. If you have an email list of 5,000 but only 500 of them would be the right fit for your company, then it’s time to clean out your email list. The average conversion rate is 2% of your email list, but that’s if your email list is already interested in what you’re selling.

A landing page is a single page website, created with the purpose of turning your page views into leads.

What is a website? This is the content website that continues the story from your landing page. This is the heart and soul of your brand.

Goal of the website:  A website is where you are courting your customers. You want them to get to know you and your brand. On your website you walk them through who you are, what you can do for them, why they should choose you, and how they can’t live without them. See? Courting!

On your website you need to be very intentional with what you say, and where you say it. You will be leading them through each section of your website, and enticing them to go to the next page.

For Example:

  • Home Page - Branding and what you do is immediate. This is the front door of your business and you are inviting them to come inside and explore. They will see clear messaging about what you do, scroll down a little bit and click on the button you are enticing them to! Yes, you can do this with strategic content marketing.

  • The button you have them click on may lead them to the nitty gritty of your business and what you have to offer them, or you may feel like you need to woo them still and lead them to your about page so they can learn more about you. And so on and so forth…

The main goal of the website? To get them to eventually click and do what you want them to come to your website for in the first place. If you want them to fill out an inquiry form, you’ll create a story that will lead them to that page. Want them to purchase a product? You’ll woo them through different aspects of your website, eventually leading them to the “buy now” button.


So the difference in a landing page vs a website? Two different functions, but when you use them together they are very powerful. Do you utilize both? I’d love to hear how you use strategic content marketing for both!