Squarespace Plugins

Squarespace is my favorite website platform because it is simple and easy to use. Something I get asked about a lot (especially to my friends coming over from Wordpress) is Squarespace Plugins. Does Squarespace have plugins? Yes! And I’m going to walk you through Square Studio - an awesome resource for these plugins.

Squarespace Plugins
Square Studio


First go to SquareStud.io and then you will be welcomed to their plugin site! Once you’re there - click on the plugins button to be able to browse all of the plugins they offer.

I like this site because it has pretty much everything I need all in one spot! A lot of people worry that when they get on Squarespace there isn’t as many options as say, Wordpress. While there are more plugins for Wordpress, there are so many plugins that just aren’t what you need, are old and outdated, or just don’t work. So by the time you sort through them and find the ones that are good and useful to you - you’ve got just a handful! The Squarespace plugins are beautiful, and make for a user friendly website.


square studio plugins


Square Studio makes it easy because everything is laid out beautifully (thank you Square Studio) and easy to find! The categories at the top of the plugins page makes it simple for you to jump to exactly what you need - or you can search the page.

So if, for example, you need a form on your website, you could jump to their forms page and choose from 10 different options and browse all their plugins for forms.

Pro Tip: If you subscribe to them you get $5 off your first purchase and you get updates on new plugins. Their new plugins always have a launch discount! And...

Get $10 off your first order!


squarespace plugin


It's very simple to set up your new plugin. When you purchase a plugin you get step-by-step screenshots and code ready to copy and paste! If you get stuck, their customer support team is amazing, always quick to respond, and will even jump on your website and tweak your code if you're having an issue.

And if you ever get stuck you can jump over to their Facebook support group! There’s always someone on there with a quick answer to help you out. The great thing about the group is that you can ask questions about anything related to Squarespace, not just about their plugins. 

So what do you think… are you ready to make the switch over to Squarespace?

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