How DIY Design Can Hurt Your Brand

Today we are talking about the problem with DIY design, and how it can hurt your business. Now, before you click off this post thinking I’m trying to sell you on an expensive design package, hold on! Even though I do sell valuable branding packages that will get you an amazing brand that will last a lifetime, that’s not what we’re here to talk about today.

I want to talk through with you what happens when you decide to DIY your own branding and offer two solutions that will work so much better for you.


DIY Design




If you’re not a trained graphic designer and branding specialist, it is going to take you a lot of time to achieve a full brand than it would someone who is trained in that field. Just like if I, as a designer, were to step into your field of expertise. It would take me 2x, 3x, maybe even 4x as long to do what you do, and it wouldn’t look near as good as if you did it!

Take for example a floral designer. Say I’m hosting an event and I want to have gorgeous floral arrangements at the event. Now, I can easily go to the local store and pick a bunch of flowers and DIY arrangements. However, I’m going to be “winging it”. If I had gone to my local florist and told her my vision and my budget, she would’ve been able to give me a beautiful floral arrangement that would be the centerpiece for my event!

Ask yourself, how much time are you wanting to spend on this design?



You know what you like, but does it strategically align with the goals of your business? Your branding can make or break your business, and if you don’t have the marketing and design knowledge to help ensure you reach your ideal clients, you could be shooting your business in the foot.

DIY may be the most cost effective option, but if you’re not presenting your business in the professionalism needed to reach your clients, you’re actually losing money.



When you start to DIY your brand you may feel excited (and overwhelmed) by all the things! Color palettes, fonts, patterns, so many beautiful things, how do you choose? This is where discontentment can come to play in your brand, and cause huge problems.

How? Let’s say you finally decide on your branding mood, you have finally narrowed down the colors (that you love, but perhaps aren’t the most strategic), have settled on fonts and your logo, but then the honeymoon ends. You are happy with your brand for a month, maybe a few, and then you start wishing you had gone with different colors or fonts! It’s a spiral that can quickly get out of control.


I promise there are options for you, two of them actually!

  1. Premade design

  2. Hire a designer

The advantages of pre-made design is that a designer has already done the work. You know it’s strategically created, and is going to have a professional look. If you’re on a budget this is a great alternative to hiring a designer to create a custom brand for you.

When you start looking for a pre-made design, make sure that it has all the elements you are needing for your brand. You want all the elements to be there so you don’t have to mis-match or piece anything together that is missing.

Rather than DIY your design, you can rest easy knowing that someone trained in the field of design and branding created the pre-made design. Just like you are a professional in your field, they are a professional in theirs. You will save yourself time and feel more content with your branding.