SEO for Squarespace: Part 2

In case you missed it you can read the first part of SEO for Squarespace HERE. Now that we’ve covered the basics of SEO for your website, let’s take it up a notch! You’ve implemented the basics across the board on your website, and you’re doing it consistently throughout your website, but how do you get SEO to start working for you even more? I’ve got the details all laid out for you. 

SEO for Squarespace

We’re going to get you to take your SEO up a notch from just the basics, and here are the next steps you need to start working on:


The purpose of SEO is to make sure that when people are searching for your services that you show up on the front page of google. That byproduct, of your page being on the first page of Google, will increase traffic to your website. However, we have to get there first.

The best way to increase your ranking on Google is to get more traffic to your website. How do you do that yourself? Stay active and keep your website updated regularly. Blogging consistently (1x a week is great!), is a great way to start directing traffic to your website. When you write a blog post make sure you’re posting it on social media to drive traffic to your website, which brings us to our next step….


Cross promotion! Post on your top 2 social media channels regularly. Create valuable content for your audience that will post on a daily basis. Share the blog posts that you’ve written, and include links so that they can be directed to that post on your website. This will increase traffic! Don’t forget to recycle your blog posts, if you have posts that you wrote a while back that still contain relevant content, then reshare them on social media.  Also, make sure your social media channels all have your website easily accessible.


Make sure your website is built well with no broken links. Go through and click on all of your links to make sure they: 1) Work, 2) Are going where you want them to. Create a custom branded 404 page just in case people do come across a broken link. Instead of a general boring 404 page, you can customize design with something that aligns with your brand and is fun. Keep visitors engaged by directing them back to popular pages on your website through call to actions.


Manually register your website to search engines. This is a simple task that you only need to do one time. I like to use: This website is a great way to register to multiple search engines at once and it's free!


You will also want to register with Google Analytics. Squarespace has now made it easier. It used to be you needed to place a script code in the header of your website now all you need to do is add your tracking code to Squarespace. See how to do it here. Gotta love Squarespace!

And now you’re well on your way to having an optimized website with great SEO! Make sure you check out the first part of our SEO series where you can download your FREE checklist to use for every page of your website, including blog posts! Check it out here.