Marketing as an Introvert

Are you an introvert trying to market a business?  Worried that those two things don’t go together?  Guess what…they do!  As a small business owner with a business that does events and marketing consulting, as a person who spends a lot of time doing public speaking and networking, and as a fiercely introverted human being, I assure you that your introversion can be a strength for your business.  You just have to master the art of marketing as an introvert.

marketing as an introvert

The key to marketing – no matter what your business is or who you are – is figuring out:

  1. Who your target market is
  2. Where your target market is
  3. How your brand will be best-showcased

The most effective marketing is going to be at the intersection of those three questions. 

As an introvert marketer, you have to factor your introversion into the last part of that equation.  There truly is an art to this.  If you are representing your brand, then you have to be your best self in order to showcase your brand properly.  So, how can you do that?


Specifically, know YOUR rules.  We are all different, and you probably have come to know the rules of your introversion by now.  What are your limits? 

Maybe the rules have to do with your schedule.  Perhaps you can only have a certain number of networking events on your calendar a month or you need to have exactly three days of solitude in front of a computer each week.

Maybe you have rules around how you interact with people.  Perhaps you need your networking to be centered on a group activity or you need to have tricks for turning everything into one-on-one conversation.

If you know your rules, you can find the ways to highlight your brand as it needs to be highlighted while staying within your social limits.


One of the great things about introverts is how in depth they go.  The joke is that introverts hate small talk.  If that’s true for you, it can be a huge asset for your marketing.  When you are inclined to get to a deeper level of conversation you are likely to have a much better conversion rate in your sales than someone who has a higher volume of contacts. 

Customers can sense when you have a genuine interest, and it builds loyalty much faster.  The more they share with you, the more you listen, the more likely they will be to buy from you.


Introverts can be good marketers in any forum, but you might want to take another look at the option of marketing your business online.  First of all, there are a lot of introverts you can potentially meet online! 

Beyond that, you might be able to harness the power of your introversion through creativity in blogs, thorough and compelling comments on other people’s blogs and social media posts, or unique content that sets you apart. 

Introverts can be great marketers.  The things that make you introverted are the same things that can make your customers more excited about doing business with you.  Hopefully, some of these tips help you master the art of marketing as an introvert.



Melissa is a small business marketing coach and event manager with international experience in event and brand management. A former artistic gymnast for 18 years, she “retired” at the age of 22 and turned her love of sport into a whirlwind career of contracts with huge brands like the Olympic Winter Games (2006 and 2010), Rugby World Cup (2011), and the US Olympic Committee. Now, she owns Melissa Forziat Events and Marketing and enjoy helping small businesses and nonprofits to make the most of their marketing and events and to reach more people with their message.  Connect with Melissa at

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