Brand Strategy

As a Brand & Marketing Strategist, I tend to harp on the two little words “Brand Strategy” a lot!  If we are being COMPLETELY honest with each other, some people give me that “look” when I say “brand strategy!” (You know the “oh wow she is talking about brand strategy AGAIN look.”) What is brand strategy and why is it the most important aspect of your entire business?

Brand strategy is (defined) a long-term plan for the development of a successful brand in order to achieve specific goals. A well-defined and executed brand strategy affects all aspects of a business and is directly connected to consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments.

Creating a brand that is cutting edge over your competition, has a defined market niche, a targeted customer base, and a concise brand message that speaks to your customers is crucial for the success of your brand.  


So where do I even start? (Did you just ask yourself that question?  See.. we think alike!)

I have broken down how to go about molding your passions into a profitable, evergreen brand with just FIVE, easy Brand Strategy Steps! Yes! It is just that easy.

Who will this benefit?

If you are new to the entrepreneurial world,  or you feel that your existing brand doesn’t have a cutting edge over your competition, or you are doing a re-brand, this is for you!

Step 1:  Market Trends & Analytics

Research… Research… Research! Look at the industry your business will be in and dive into what the market trends are, where they have been, and where they are going. What are the current trends? Who are your competitors? What products/services do they have? What are their price points? Who are their customers? How are they speaking (marketing) to their customers?

The list goes on… but having this basic research to ensure there is a market for your services/products and a customer base is crucial.  No one wants to launch a great idea to find in 6 months the only person that thought it was a great idea was you! (Speaking from experience over here!)

Step 2: Market Niche

After you do market research, you are going to quickly be able to see where your niche in the market will be! Past clients have argued with me, stating they will make less money if they have a niche market. That is NOT true my friend! If you have a concentrated area, you will start to learn your customer's pain points and be able to offer products/services to them that they need. You will spend less on marketing dollars and see higher returns!

Step 3: Brand Vision

The vision for your brand is important! How do you want other people to speak about your business? What makes your brand unique? Those are questions to ask yourself. Think of 5 words you want to represent your entire brand, you will use those words in every single touchpoint of your company.

Think about words like trustworthy, first to market, reliable, technology, hope, natural, organic.

Step 4: Brand Aesthetics

When choosing your aesthetics for your brand such as website design, colors, fonts, logo’s, etc. Think about what would lure your customers in? How can you attract your ideal customer?

Step 5: Brand Messaging

Brand messaging is any type of content you use in your brand including items on your website, marketing campaigns, taglines, advertisements, your elevator speech, and social media content. As you are developing your messaging think about your overall brand vision and how you can speak directly to your customers.

This should help you start to create an evergreen, money making brand in no time! For a more thorough guide to creating a strong brand strategy enroll in our FREE 7 Day Brand Vision Workshop today!



Jessica Potts is the founder of Brand X Consultants, a Brand & Marketing Strategy firm founded in 2015. Jessica previously worked in Corporate America with an array of Fortune 100 clients, including Fandango, Papa John’s, Disney & Apple before opening her own agency. She is dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs create profitable, evergreen brands by showing them how to build long term brand and marketing strategies.  To contact Jessica email her at: