Staying Motivated as a Millennial

It’s time to get real about this whole motivation aspect. Grab a cup of coffee and take a seat. It’s time to dig into motivation as a millennial.

As a millennial, we are casually fearless and naturally entrepreneurs according to the Huffington Post. As a whole, millennials expect each other to be different and accept that about one another. For those in generations before us, they sometimes have a hard time accepting our out of the box thinking.

That’s okay though.

Staying Motivated as a Millennial

When I first started my business back in 2016, I had quite a few naysayers who would not believe that I could actually make money off of web development. Most did not believe that at the age of 20 I could start a sustainable business that would allow me to be able to make a steady income. I found the most support from fellow millennials who believed anything was possible.


Staying motivated as a millennial means you need to surround yourself with people who will support you.


During my first year of business, I made a point to surround myself with those who believed in me. I sought after those who would keep me accountable and support me in my journey. I stayed motivated during my first year of business because I did this. I highly recommend you do the same, my friend.

After a couple months into my business, I became frustrated.

I started to become unsure of the direction that I take in my business. I became overwhelmed by all the things I needed to learn, create, and do. Especially as a new entrepreneur, I was incredibly unsure of how I would possibly do all the things. On top of college, new job, and trying to build a house. It seemed impossible, but I knew I needed to drive myself through the beginning stages. I pushed the naysayers aside and focused on baby steps.

Taking baby steps is super important because they allow you to set manageable goals. Instead of stating I want fifty clients, I made myself a baby goal to get five one month, then eight the next, and so on and so forth. By doing this, I was able to celebrate along the way. I allowed myself to be able to celebrate as I hit those goals knowing I was on my way to being able to accomplish my big goal for the year.

I chose not to get overwhelmed with my big goal. I chose to motivate myself with smaller goals. This decision alone makes all the difference when it comes to staying motivated. As millennials, we dream big. That’s okay. We just need to not get overwhelmed with our big goals by breaking them down.


Staying motivated as a millennial means you take baby steps with your business. Overcome small goals, celebrate, and chip away at the big goals that will make you successful.


As an entrepreneur we need to surround ourselves with biz besties who are there to support us, guide us, and overall motivate us! If I did not have my biz besties, since the beginning of my journey, I have no idea where I would be at! I found mine through connecting in Facebook groups and furthering the connection through Facebook messenger.

Building biz besties allows you to:

  • Build connections that will help you learn, grow, and find support.
  • Give you the opportunity to send them referrals and vice versa! (You both win!)
  • Have people in your corner that will have your back, motivate you, and push you to be your best.

While this is simply just three reasons, they are many reasons why building a list of biz besties is important. Overall, the motivation mine has given me has helped me beyond words with my business and life as a whole.


Staying motivated as a millennial means you make biz besties to help support you on your journey as an entrepreneur.


As you continue on your journey, be sure to document it along the way. I have found that simply spending time in my journal has allowed me to be able to continue my drive. I am able to remind myself of where I have started and reflect on where I am now.

In one year, I changed my own website twice. I changed systems, tools, procedures, and my messaging. I feel like I have a totally different company now.

It got frustrating at times. Trust me, growing pains is a real thing. I stayed motivated through my journey because I knew I was going one step closer to my goals. One step closer to my dream. That’s everything to me. I’m sure your dream is everything to you too.

Keep chasing your dream, my friend. Take a hold of all the motivation you can get and drive it into your future. 



Ashley is a digital marketing and web strategist who empowers female millennial entrepreneurs by creating a web design and foolproof strategy in 30 days. She enjoys eating cheese and playing with her two basset hound puppies when she is not glued to her laptop. You can find her at