Lina Alattar

Website & Brochure

Brand Style
Mood Board

Lina Alattar like most artists had a website already set up. Her website showcased her art in portfolio style but she wanted more.

Lina wanted a website that felt modern and really complimented her style. She wanted to be able to have the option for others to be able to purchase art on line and a big one, her goal was to show her art in a way that would appeal to not only buyers but interior designers or other clients who might use her art for staging. Keeping her audience and goal in mind we staged her art in real life scenarios throughout the website that enhanced her gorgeous pieces. Each page of her website is slightly different, simple and modern with a light color palette as to not take away from her art.

Client Love

Lina says, she liked how tech savvy and contemporary our technical and design skills are, how easy we made the process, as well as excellent organizational skills. She also loved that we were patient and professional.

"Simply exceeded my expectation, aesthetically and technically in creating my website and brochure. Loved the fresh and contemporary look."