How to create a color text box in a banner in Squarespace


Want to have your text on a color background? It's actually really simple.

Make sure to select a template that allows you to place content boxes in the banner. In the sample above I placed an image in the banner. Then I added a markdown block.

Add the code below to the markdown block.

<div style="background-color:#fde2ee; text-align:left; padding: 40px 30px 50px 30px;"> <font color="#000000">

<img src="">

<h2>second heading</h2>
body text

You can customize the box color, fonts colors and padding in the div tag.

In the sample above the "Hi" font is an image which you can also do by putting the link to your image in the img src tag. You can see how to add an image to Squarespace and get the link, here.