Michael Blank

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Investor & Coach

Michael had been in business for a few years and was very active being in his business. He had a large 16 page website with all the right marketing pieces. He established his brand by providing knowledge, a ton of resources and creating relationships.

The Problem
His website lacked in design, coherency and needed some organization. He was also ready to look the part. He was ready to level-up all around.

The Solutions
Brand Photoshoot:
The best way to look the part is a brand photo shoot. We wanted to show Michael off being dressed at his best. We worked with Jamal from Blue Ridge Visuals, to curate a shoot that would have his brand colors as well as have his presence match his brand feelings and feel like him.

Reorg and content audit:
This website was really text heavy. We broke it up by reorganizing some of the content. Added more white space to give they eye a break and give more focus on the visuals to draw in the user to look at the text.

Michael had actively been using Divi when he came to us. While we are huge advocates for Squarespace it did not make sense make the switch. It would have been more work on our end and a new learning curve for him. So we decided to partner up. We search the interwebs and found Brittney. A beautiful relationship was formed. We meshed our brand + her development to create the ultimate website. We love a good make over!