5 ways to increase website traffic and get more sales


Why would you even care to get more traffic to your website? Is it really that big of a deal? If you want sales it is.

One of the best ways get leads is to generate traffic to your website. How do you do that? With content and then promote! Content is so important. Having content makes it easy to drive traffic to your website and you are setting up your business as the know it all. Guess what happens when you get traffic? It can easily get you leads and sales. But they need substance before they buy.

Another plus, traffic to your website also improves your SEO. We always get the question about SEO and traffic to your website is a biggy. There's no way around it, if people aren't going to your website it won't get into the top rank.

We are listing 5 ways you can easily start doing to generate more traffic to your website.


You say, "I don't have time for a blog". We get it. Here are some tips.

LISTEN and write ideas down! Ideas will come to you throughout the day, carry a journal with you or put it in your phone notes. Leads, peers and clients will ask you questions. These easily can be turned into content. Jot down some notes, doesn't need to be the full blogpost, you just need something to reference back to.

Got your ideas down, great. It's time to batch!

Spend one day or a weekend a month and do all your blog posts for that month. We suggest at least 4 posts, that's 1x a week. Put your phone on the do not disturb mode and turn off notifications on your computer. Set your space so you feel inspired. Get your music, candles, whatever gets you going. Take breaks when you need to but the idea is to knock it out! 

Have guest bloggers or be a guest blogger.

This is a great way to collaborate and expand your reach. 

A blog is important for a few reasons:

  1. SEO - blogging is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to improve your search rankings.

  2. It helps keep your website active. If you don't touch your website for a while it's less likely to pull up on searches.

  3. It's a platform to add value and show that you are the expert in your field.

  4. It's another way to drive people to your website which again increases your SEO ranking.

What do you do with the blog posts?? 

  • Send it to your email list

  • Post it on all social medias

  • Reference it when people have questions

  • Drive traffic to your blog!

PRO TIP: Recycle!!
Take pieces from one post and use it on other platforms. Example, the section above with the list of reasons a blog is important, that section alone can be a post on Instagram. The section, what do you do with blog posts, that's another Instagram or Facebook post. Make life easy on yourself. You don't need to come up with new content all the time. You can also send blog posts to your list more than one time. The likelihood of 100% of your email list opening your email the first time are slim or maybe your list has grown, even more reason to resend to your list. Just wait some time before resending.

Not too keen on blogging? Have a vlog or a podcast on your website.



Again this is another way add value. People always want know how businesses do the things they do. Plus, you can put affiliate links in this section just be sure to put an affiliate disclosure on the page. List the tools you use, books you recommend, you can list businesses you have worked with. 

PRO TIP: Need ideas for blog topics?
Write about each resource in a blog post. Write about how you use it, what the features are and how it specifically helps your business.



Most likely you will get the same questions asked over and over from others. Why not make an FAQ page so you can direct people to this page and not repeat yourself a million times!? And again, you can make a blog post out of some of the questions people ask. An FAQ page is also good for SEO purposes because again it's more information that pertains to your business.



Grow your email list with an opt-in. Make it more enticing by offering a freebie like a checklist, an e-book, an audio, video, there are so many options. Make sure you are adding value. Think of a problem you are solving with creating an opt-in. This gives people an insight into your business on a more personal level. 

PRO TIP: Create a landing page for your opt-in. The form on your website is usually a one-liner saying to get your opt-in. A landing page gives people more of a description of what they are getting. A quick landing page formula - Who it's for, what they get, why they need it, short bio and testimonials.



Whenever you post anything think of ways to get people back to your website. Schedule a discovery call, make an appointment, check out services, blog posts, resource page. Ask/comment and lead with a call to action to your website.

For Instagram there are two ways you can do this:

1) LinkTree is a great, easy and free tool to use! It allows you to have a link in your bio that leads people to a page that has multiple links to other pages. It is really easy to manage.

2) You can create a custom landing page within your website that looks very similar to the LinkTree landing page. Of course with this option, you can customize more. Maintenance requires a bit more on your end. With this option, it automatically goes straight to your website rather than going to LinkTree first.


There you have it. When we work with our clients on developing their website we set them up with at least one of these but almost always more. The more you have, the better. We love design but content drives, design makes it so content doesn't look so daunting and boring.

Do you have all of these on your website? What are some other ways you like using to drive traffic to your website?