Squarespace or Divi

Conquer your website and find out which website builder is right for your business.

We never thought we would say this but we are now offering WordPress websites! We would never use WordPress on it's own as it's not intuitive for clients to manage on their own so we are using Divi along with it.

Divi is a website builder that works on the back-end of WordPress. This happened organically and we welcome it into our business. Here's why,

one size does not fit all

When Squarespace entered the picture we stepped away from WordPress because of all the technical issues with plugins and widgets. Now there are so many different builders that work with WordPress making it easier to design and maintain.

There are pros and cons to both. Which one should you use for your website? Really, it depends what your business is and what your goals are.

Here's what we tell our clients to take into consideration.



  • Development is easier than using WordPress on its own

  • Divi provides plugins in which they provide support for if you need help

  • You might need plugins for WordPress itself, which there are MANY to choose from (see cons)

  • If you ever move to a different Content Management System (CMS) platform it will be easier to migrate


  • There are SO many plugins for WordPress that you need to search for quality ones

  • If you use third-party plugins at some point they will need to be updated which means sometimes there are little bugs that will need to be fixed and you'll need to find support for those plugins

  • There is more of a chance of your website breaking. Those darn plugins!

  • If you don't want to deal with maintenance you'll most likely need to have a developer on hand or you can use our monthly subscription




  • They have their own plugins that are maintained by Squarespace and automatically update

  • Since everything is made in-house Squarespace will be your only support system

  • There are a few third-party plug-ins that are great quality

  • Easier to fully maintain on your own without breaking your website!


  • Not as many plug-ins

  • If you ever move to a different CMS platform it's a more work and not everything will export

What about SEO, you ask?
Yes, WordPress does have plugins but Squarespace has built-in SEO. With either option to really benefit from SEO there are many other components that need to be taken into consideration such as content and website set-up. There is no magic plug-in to rank higher in search engines, we say, don't let that be a determining factor.

We personally like Squarespace because the technical aspect is taken care of which allows us to focus on designing something unique. We also like the ease of ongoing maintenance for our clients.

Someone else put it perfectly,

Squarespace is a move in ready apartment, customization is limited but someone else takes care of all the fixes for you.

WordPress is like owning a house. You can do more but you better be ready to take care of all the things that go wrong or pay for someone else to fix it.

If you're still not sure which one to use, ask away in the comments.