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Multicultural cooking classes for kids

We love Sharon's business! She teaches kids how to cook and not like just baking cookies but real food from all over the world. She also gives them a history lesson on where the food originated from.

The Problem
When Sharon first started her business she worked with what she could which is great. She was ready to grow and wanted to look professional.

The Solution
Brand clarity. We dug deep and had many talks until we created something that felt right. We wanted to keep a fun element but not have the brand look childish.

She came to us with a logo and a color palette in mind. We asked her if she loved her logo (you can see it in the website before snapshot below). Her response, "I don't hate it." And we knew that we could do better so we decided to do the whole brand works, logo, website and graphics.

We worked with an illustrator on our team to create the perfect logo. It took a few rounds but worth it because she now LOVES it! It represents the business being multicultural, it has more than one kid in the logo and they all look like they are having fun cooking!

We used illustration icons to match the design feel of the logo. We used large color blocks and backgrounds using the brand colors throughout the website to keep it fun.

We also created graphic templates in Canvas so Sharon can update her own graphics. They included, social media graphics, a recipe card template and covers for her multiple page documents.

Sharon has a brand she's proud of, feels like her but also represents her fun business. She's able to continue using her brand elements on her own. She can easily make updates to her website. Sounds like many wins!


"When I first saw Rosie’s work, I knew right away that I needed her brilliance in my business. When I got a glimpse of how versatile she is in being able to create a brand that so perfectly captures the business, I was amazed. Now that she has redesigned my logo, my website, created templates for my business and trained me how to use her creations for future business applications, I’m blown away. 

She has a detailed process that allows her to really understand what a business’ brand FEELS like to them. And when I saw the gorgeous website she created for me with all of the perfect icons, fonts and styles that really felt like ME, I was moved to tears. Thank you so much, Rosie, for creating my brand a million times better than I ever could. "


cooking with kids brand board.jpg