Cadence Event Planning

Inspiration board

Cadence Event Planning had already been some what emerged in the fashion scene and they wanted to make it official. I came up with a logo that oozed elegance. Cadence wanted options so they actually have 6 logo variations that can be used on any layout or medium.

Their website has the same sophisticate touch throughout. Can't get enough royal purple and gold!

Client love:

Rosanna is easy to work with and always willing to go the extra mile for her clients. She is in touch with current trends and utilized them in a way that made sense for our brand. Not only did she listen to what we wanted but she was always there to lend her expert opinion so that we ended up with the best possible website and logo for our brand. Rosanna even pointed us towards resources that would help us create effective copy for our website that converts. I highly recommend working with Rosanna for both web and logo design.