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Rito Loco came to me super excited to start their business back in 2012. They had already had their logo characters with a font variation and some food truck design concept but wanted an illustrator to properly get their designs developed for printers. I decided to present new design ideas with different font choices that I thought represented the graffiti look and feel of their logo. They were impressed and this even got them more excited.

Brand goals:

  • Have a brand that embodies their kick ass personality.

These guys get the importance of branding and marketing. They are constantly looking for new innovative ways to promote their business. This is a huge part of why they are successful. Visit their store and you'll see their brand story is in the details and their love of people.

brands are created by the story you tell.

UPDATE: Two years after having their good truck they opened their first brick and mortar in Washington D.C. Talk about effective marketing and branding! It has been a pleasure to see these client/friends grow. They are an inspiration to many.

Client love:

Rosanna is fukn awesome!

Enough said :)

*Logo characters not created by Create You.

Rito Loco Interior taken by Rey Lopez

Rito Loco Interior taken by Rey Lopez