What is your brand design style?

Your brand design style attracts certain kinds of customers to your business. What kind of clients do you want to attract? This was designed to help you market to your ideal client. Once you know what your ideal client likes it is so much easier to create an experience with visuals that appeals to them.

You might feel like your audience can fall under two design categories.
That is okay. Figure out the primary design style and accent with the other style. Example: She might be a minimalist but likes to be bold occasionally. Design should mostly be clean and minimal but then have pops of color or a bold font choice.

The question I get asked most - Do I brand for myself/my business or my clients?
If you are the face of your business then choose items that align with you and your goals. But if you are not part of your business you'll want to brand to appeal to your customers. Example: Anthropologie was founded by Richard Hayne. He came up with the idea of Anthropologie in hopes of giving creative, educated and affluent 30-45 year-old women a place to shop in a store that reflects her personal style (wikipedia). Everything is marketed to appeal to that audience. Figure out your goals, your audience and curate a brand story.


The Beautifully Bold

This brand style is fearless!

Ideal client: She is not afraid to color outside the lines. She is not a follower instead she sets the trends. She doesn't mind being the center of attention. She's all about making connections and having fun. Dance parties and confetti throwing for everyone!!

Fonts: large, bold, serifs, grunge, script marker
Colors: vibrant, high saturation
Example: ban.do, MailChimp

The Modern Minimalist

Less is more for this design style.

Ideal client: She doesn't like clutter. It's not what you don't have it's what you do have. The design is in the details. She loves big open spaces. A lots of white makes her heart sing. Apple products are right up her alley. She appreciates the beauty in simplicity and quality.

Fonts: small light or bold, san serif or serif
Colors: neutrals, 1-2 colors or monochromatic
Example: GLDN, Well+Good

The Free-spirit Romantic

This design style is influence by nature.

Ideal client: She's a dreamer and believer that all things are possible. She trusts in her heart, intuition and the universe. Her style is beautiful and effortless. She loves rustic pieces that have character. She's sure to have a stash of crystals. You can find her shopping at Free People.

Fonts: script, hand-written
Colors: neutrals, earth tones, jewel tones
Example: Free People, Gaia Collective

The Refined Classic

This design style emphasizes on exceptional quality.

Ideal client: She's an influencer, a thinker and likes practicality. Everything has a functional purpose. She's inspired by traditional timeless pieces. Her style is classic with clean lines. She loves to read with a cup of the finest coffee.

Fonts: light or bold san serif, serif
Colors: traditional dark colors, grays, browns
Example: Square

The Sophisticated & Savvy

This design style oozes elegance.

Ideal client: Her presence wow's the room. She's charming and mysterious. Hey style is influenced by glamorous movie stars. She loves diamonds and gold anything. She vacations in Paris and enjoys a glass of wine.

Fonts: light san serif, serif
Colors: black, deep rich colors, metallics
Example: Tiffany & Co.