Why are people requesting a spot instead of buying the service?
I'm known for making the process fun! This only works if we are the right fit for each other and I want you to end up with something you LOVE. If for some reason you are not chosen I will still contact  you and we can discuss options. I wouldn't leave  you hanging!

Why are you offering your logo service at half the price?
I’m able to work with more people in a group setting at the same time, which enables me to offer a discount. You still get the same process and attention that I give my one on one clients. Also, I work better under pressure so I'm looking to work with people that are ready to get this done now!

Why an fb group?
In addition to assignments you will get guidance from me that you can refer back to. You can ask me questions any time! You also get feedback from others in the group.

What if I already have a mood board?
Great! You’re one step ahead. We can work with what you have and move on to the next steps.

What if I’m not totally happy?
If after two weeks of this process you are not happy I will work with you one on one to finish up he process so you are happy. My job isn’t done until you’re happy.