I hope you are as excited as I am! Let's get started!!

(Bookmark this page in case you need to reference it again).

**Reminder I can't move onto the design phase until assignments 1 & 2 are completed.**

Project timeline with Asana

Asana is a project management tool. I will add you to your project schedule with milestones such as review dates, feedback deadlines and final launch date. All parties will be notified via e-mail when something is due soon or has been completed. Once I have created your project timeline you'll be notified of your tasks.

Assignment 1:

The Brand Clarity questionnaire gives me a better idea of your business goals. It also gives me the start in understanding your design style. Do tell all! Getting specific details helps me create something that best matches your business. This sets the foundation in creating your story and planning for strategic marketing. Hopefully thinking about the answers will also give you a clearer idea of your business purpose.

The Brand Clarity questionnaire will be sent to you, once the contract and payment plan has been agreed upon.

Assignment 2:
Pinterest Board

This part is so much fun it won't even feel like homework!

Don't cheat! Do the Brand Clarity questionnaire before doing this assignment.


  1. Create a Pinterest board.

  2. Name it, Client Work - Your Name

  3. Add me as a collaborator by using my email hello@createyou.us

  4. Collect at least 30-40 photos.

  5. Your board should give a feeling of what your business is about. Use the 5 adjectives asked in the questionnaire, "List at least 5 adjectives that describe your business?" Also think of the question,"How do you want your ideal clients to perceive your business? Think of the kind of experience your customer has when using your products or services."

  6. Choose colors, logos, and fonts that appeal to you. A good way is to use search words: "color palette" and for logos use your 5 adjectives, like "feminine logos" or "modern logos".

  7. Under each image in the description write why you chose it.

  8. I like to tell people if they were going to have a grand opening of their business or have an office/boutique, what would be your ideal setting? Is it fancy? Does it have vintage furniture? Is it all pinks and purples? ...It's your world, make it amazing.

  9. When complete you can notify me in Asana or through email,


BRAND PHOTO SHOOT (only for those doing a brand photo shoot)

Only after you have completed the first part, move onto pinning images for this brand photo shoot.

Keep all your pins in one board.

Again, all of these pins should go back to your list of 5 adjectives and how you want your ideal clients to perceive your business.

  1. Poses - pin poses that embody the feelings of your brand

  2. Environment - think about if your shoot will be indoor, outdoor or both and what that would look like. Pin examples.

  3. Props - think about the kinds of things you use everyday in your business that you can include. Examples, notebooks, pens, laptop, signage, balloons, confetti, flowers, crystals, candles, coffee mugs, food, hats. Pin ideas.

Examples of what to search for: bohemian photo shoot, bold poses, props in photos shoot, headshots, photo shoot outside.

Once you are done I will make notes for the photographer and she will get, your final mood board, a link to your pinterest board and the notes.

*Four examples of boards below. (does not include brand photo shoot). See example HERE for one that includes a brand photo shoot.

Have fun doing this assignment!

Assignment 3:
Dropbox to store content

I’ll be creating a folder in DropBox. This is where you will keep all your content, rather than me having to go through threads of emails. Content includes, images and text documents. If you are scheduling a photo shoot, be aware of the deadline of when you need to have your website content to me in Asana.

A link to your folder will be sent to you. If you do not have an account you’ll need to create one.

Assignment 4:
Website content guide

I use the website content guide to help you write your content. In combination with the questionnaire I also use it to organize and strategize placement of the content in your website

SAVE THE PDF TO YOUR DESKTOP FIRST. Open it from your desktop, type, save and send. You will not be able to save all the hard work you have done if you answer the questions in the web browser.

After you save the pdf to your desktop and open it you should be able to type right inside the pdf. If you cannot please answer the questions in a Word document.

When completed add the pdf (or word doc) to your content folder Dropbox.